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1st Annual West Grove Games 


West Grove Fitness is excited to announce the launch of the 1st West Grove Games this September. The West Grove Games will be a Two-Day Doubles Competition designed for all levels and available for anyone looking to compete. 


Date: September 21-22, 2024


Divisions & Levels 

There will be 3 Divisions: Mens doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles 

3 Levels: Rx, Scaled & Just for Fun

Level Qualifications: * weight requirements Minimums 


Pullups, Toes to Bar, Olympic Lift (135lb men/ 95lb women), Deadlift (185lb men/ 135lb women), box jump, running 



Toes to Bar, Olympic lift (115lb men, 75lb women), Deadlift (135lb men, 95lb women), step ups, running 


Just For Fun:  

Available to anyone and everyone! Modifications provided on need basis 

CrossFit Jumps


Pricing per individual: 

July 8th- September 14th 


September 15th- September 20th 


CrossFit Jumps
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