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Using motivational music in an inspiring space filled with state-of-the-art equipment, we offer innovative classes that will keep you wanting more. Our knowledgeable trainers create challenging workouts using weights, resistance bands, TRX, medicine balls, and advanced cardio equipment that will fire up your metabolism. Our educated trainers can adapt to the needs of any body type, providing you with the workout your body needs.

OUR classeS

Our group classes will have a daily-focus muscle group; however

be prepared to work every muscle in the body!

first 2 classes free

Everyone has a beginning. The hardest part is simply starting. In the end, you'll look back and see how far you've come!


Utilizing pulling movements of the UPPER BODY to give you the sculpted arms you have always wanted.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable as you feel the energy of this class surge through you in this TOTAL BODY workout.


Rev up your metabolism with CARDIO AND CORE exercises that will keep you burning calories all day long.


It’s simple. Muscle burns fat, the bigger the muscle, the more fat burned. This class focuses on the largest muscles in the body, the LEGS, to help you burn those calories.


Using the fast-twitch muscle fibers of the UPPER body so you can accelerate to your goal.


Embrace the challenge and welcome the change. Evolve into the best you with this TOTAL BODY workout.


Give that booty a boost at this BOOTY and CORE focused workout.

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